Rushmoor Royals offers swimming training opportunities for Masters swimmers. 

If you would like to 'Book a Trial' then please follow this link and submit your details to us

The Masters squad caters for swimmers aged 18 and upwards.  Coaching is provided to all swimmers in the squad on front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly strokes, on swimming fitness, on speed and on racing techniques, including starts and turns.  It is the objective that all members achieve their potential which will be demonstrated in appropriate competitions.  However, there is no pressure to enter competition prematurely.

Session Times and Venues


8pm to 9pm  

Camberley Leisure Centre 25m pool  


7.30m to 8.30pm

Aldershot Lido


8pm to 9pm

Aldershot Garrison 50m pool

If you have any questions about Rushmoor Royals Masters, please contact me, Geoff Stokes, at [email protected]

He will be happy to answer any questions you may have about swimming with Rushmoor Royals Masters.


Results from past Master Swim Meets

Tigersharks Swindon - March 2024

Bracknell Masters - March 2024

South East Regional Masters - January 2024

South East Short Course Masters - Sept 2023

Berks & South Bucks Masters - Sept 2023

Poole Masters - June 2023

South East Regional Masters Relays - March 2023

Essex Masters - March 2023

Bracknell Masters - March 2023

South East Regional Master - January 2023

Swim England National Masters Champs - Oct 2022

Berks & South Bucks Masters - Sept 2022

Hampshire County Masters - June 2022

Bracknell Masters - March 2022

South East Regional Masters - Jan 2022

Hampshire County Masters - Sept 2021

Bracknell Masters - March 2020

Hampshire County Masters - June 2019

Gloucester Master - March 2019

Bracknell Masters - March 2019

Welsh Masters (Swansea) - March 2019

Berks and Bucks Open Masters 2018 Results