Joining Rushmoor Royals


Thank you for your interest in joining Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club.

Please complete the form below with all the necessary information in as much detail as possible. The information will be processed by our Administration Team or Head Coach, who will contact you within 48 hours of receiving this application. You will not be able to have a trial without official confirmation from the Head Coach.

At the trial, the coaching team will be able to assess your current swimming level and decide which squad would be the most beneficial for your needs.  If your trial has been successful, you will be contacted and invited to join from a certain date.


The following protocol will operate when a request for a trial is received:

  • Rushmoor Royals will contact the parent to organise up to three trial sessions in a potential squad
  • We may request further information such as reasons for wishing to move from their current club and further details around swimming history.
  • If there is space available, the swimmer is appropriate for the squad, and has the correct training attitudes, skills, techniques, etc., they will be offered a place at Rushmoor Royals
  • If the trial is successful and the swimmer is currently at another club, the parent will be required to confirm with both the home club and Rushmoor Royals.
  • Paperwork will then be processed for the move following the confirmation of the parent.


PLEASE NOTE: At all times, when swimmers and parents are trialling or members at Rushmoor Royals, they will be bound by our Code’s of Conduct. Accepting a trial, is accepting that you have read and agree to our policies and protocols.

N.B. The swimmer will be bound by the leaving policies of the home club including settling any outstanding payments in line with the home club financial policies and notice periods. This is also in accordance with standard Swim England policies