Club Values


Rushmoor members never give up. Our members are able to adapt to situations and withstand adversity that they may experience during their swimming journey by using the support of their teammates and coaches.


Rushmoor members understand their goals and what it takes to reach them. Our members are focused on achieving what they want to achieve in the sport, whether that be county to national qualification, or just simply to enjoy the sport and be the best swimmer they can be.

Positivity & Teamwork

Rushmoor members have fun! Our members have a positive mindset and positive approach to their training & competitions. They will support their teammates through every step of their journeys together.


Rushmoor members commit to the programme. Our members understand that they are on a swimming journey with many bumps in the road, but always remain committed to following the training programme laid out by the coaching team and will always give 100% that they can give.


Rushmoor members aren’t afraid to try new things. Our members are ready, eager and prepared to approach new ideas and practices and are willing to take on any challenges that may stand in their way.