Terms and Conditions



Payment is required upfront for the whole term when booking and will be pro-rata for those joining during the term. This must be done prior to the first lesson and by the specific date set.

If you wish for your child to join our Swim School, we ask for you to register and pay within 48 hours from when the swimming lesson offer has been made. After 48 hours we cannot guarantee that your space will be available.  

Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim requires a £15.00 registration fee per child, which also includes a Rushmoor Royals hat and bag. 

Returning swimmers will be required to pay for the following term approximately 2 months prior to the new term.  You will receive an email during half term informing you of dates to inform us of not returning and when payment will be taken.

Payments can only be made by the person who is holding the account on our system.


Refunds/Credits and Cancellations:

Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim School are unable to refund once payment has been received. This includes any missed lessons throughout the term due to illness/family events.

If we have to cancel lessons due to circumstances beyond our control we will endeavour to reschedule these lessons. However if we are unable to do so, we will credit your TU account with the number of sessions missed, to be used against future lessons. If you are not returning the following term, please organise make up lessons as credits can not be converted in to refunds.

In the event that your child is unable to attend lessons due illness for a month or more, the club can credit any missed lessons to your TU account, on provision of a doctors note, evidencing the illness and the fact that swimming is not permitted for medical reasons. No credit will be given for every day illness such as colds/tummy upsets.

We only offer credits for classes cancelled by us because of situations beyond our control. For example: pool closure by provider.

Credits for classes can ONLY be used again the following term. If you are not returning, please contact [email protected] to organise a make up session as we are not able to offer any refunds against credits.


Changes to lessons:

We appreciate that swimmers may not be able to attend their swimming lessons each week due to other commitments their family may have. Under exceptional circumstances we may be able to offer you an alternative lesson, however this will be subject to availability. It is not guaranteed that other lessons will be suitable for your child due to the majority of our lessons being full. 



What should we do if our child is upset when starting swimming lessons?

It is likely that new swimmers will take a few sessions to settle in and trust their teacher. We understand that children may be anxious, cry or even refuse to get into the pool and that is ok, all teachers are experienced on how to deal with these situations and will ensure that they make their session fun to help the settle the child.

Are your teachers trained and qualified?

All teachers and water helpers have completed Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim training. This training ensure that all staff members are aware of rules and regulations, policies and procedures and safety aspects of all swimming lessons. Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim training also allows teachers and assistants to recap the basics they have learned on the courses that they have had to qualify previously.

Our class Lead Teachers are ASA (Swim England) qualified. This covers all areas of knowledge needed to be able to teach successful swimming lessons and meet each child’s individual needs throughout every swimming lesson.

Our water helpers have taken part in further Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim training to ensure they have the confidence to support swimmers and the Level 2 teacher throughout each swimming lesson.

All teachers and water helpers from the age of 16 are DBS checked for the safety of all our swimmers.

How do we sign up for lessons?

If you would like to enquire for our Learn to Swim lessons, please email:  [email protected]  . We will be able to help you with all your questions and concerns. As well as this we can book your child in for a trial lesson. If you would like to book lessons please let us know, so we can send you the registration link

Is it possible to join part-way through a term?

Yes, you are able to join part way through the term, however due to most of our lessons being full we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the right class for your child straight away.

How can we pay for the lessons?

Once we send you the link to register, lessons are paid at the same time up front prior to the first session for the whole term or pro rata if joining during the term

Do you award badges and certificates?

Yes, once the swimmer has completed the stage, we will award a certificate at a cost of £4.00 and they will be ready to move onto the next stage. We also offer distance badges when a swimmer has swum a specific distance, these also cost £4.00 if you wish to purchase.

What is distance week?

Distance week is something that is done separately from the Swim England Stages, as a challenge week for the swimmers, it therefore isn't in the Stage criteria.

Does my child need to wear a hat and goggles?

We advise that your child wears both a hat and goggles, however as it stands it is optional to wear goggles.

Do I need to watch my child’s swimming lesson?

Parents are required to stay on site during the swimming lesson in case of emergency.

We have limited space on the balcony at Yateley School.  We ask that ALL customers are seated at all times.  If you wish to bring grandparents or other children to watch, please be considerate of other families and if it is very busy, please consider coming a different week.  There is seating outside in the corridor when the balcony is full.

How do we rebook for the following term?

In the second half of the term, you will receive an email advising you of a date to inform us if you are not returning and also a date of when payment will be taken for the following term.  We will also inform you if your swimmer is moving up a Stage.  Payment will be taken automatically on the date given for payment due.