Academy Programme

Our programme is the pathway that connects Learn to Swim to the competitive section of the club. In this programme swimmers learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming, focusing on skill development and the development of basic stamina. They work on developing all four strokes over increasing distances as well as understanding the basics of diving and competitive turns. Academy members also have the opportunity to enter competitions, initially starting with Club Championships and Club Mini-meets before progressing into other competitions.


We offer an opportunity to trial in our academy squads once swimmers have passed Stage 6 of a Learn to Swim programme, however typically swimmers join once they have completed stage 7. 


Academy Bronze

This is the main starting point for our Academy swimmers and swimmers train for one hour a week.  Swimmers will develop all four strokes and work to being able to swim 50m of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke and 25m of Butterfly with basic skills. They will learn the beginnings of competitive diving and the basics of tumble turns.

Academy Silver

This is the middle squad of our Academy programme and swimmers train for two hours a week. Swimmers continue to develop their skills and their basic stamina whilst learning more about the world of competitive swimming. Swimmers work towards being able to hold all four skills over 50m with further development of their competitive turns and starts.

Academy Gold

The final squad in our Academy programme where swimmers train for 3.5 hours a week. Swimmers work towards holding freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke over 100m and butterfly over 50m. They develop their turns and starts to a competitive standard allowing them to enter licensed open meets throughout the year.


For session times and locations please head to the "Training Timetable" tab or click here.

If you're interested in our Academy programme and would like further information or to organise a trial, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.


Note: Academy Bronze and Silver are an extension of our learn to swim. Once progressing to Academy Gold, members are required to pay a club membership fee and a Swim England membership fee.